1. Download & Setup Metamask

Download MetaMask* (a crypto wallet in form of a browser extension/ App on your phone). After that you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain for the (BNB) pair ** or Polygon Matic Chain for the (MATIC) pair*** to your network-list .

2. Buy & send BNB or MATIC to Metamask

Buy BNB or MATIC on an exchange (Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin). Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask address.

3. Go to PancakeSwap or QuickSwap & swap for $FES

Go to (BNB) and paste this address 0x488c56dbfD3a5512cB9D06470AdC1361d188ed33 . Set the slippage tolerance to 16% ( sometimes it may be 20%, depending on how much demand there is. )

Go to (MATIC) and paste this address 0xf32c805c81cdfebbec6939427120fd3a6e08f1a4 . Set the slippage tolerance to 16% ( sometimes it may be 20%, depending on how much demand there is. )

Swap BNB or MATIC for FEStoken. Now you need to add FEStoken to your MetaMask or TrustWallet to view your $FES.

Watch your wallet grow!


The first of its kind asset to bring together the most innovative and well established new and older DeFi tokens on BSC & MATIC made available to our holders by regularly scheduled airdrops.

What is FES? FES

The Feed Every Shark project aims to reward not only holders but more importantly, the whole ecosystem of fresh blockchain startups and existing projects.


Our mission as a team and as a community is based around constant analysis of the new hot blockchain projects in the space. By listing those projects on our revolutionary presale platform, we offer a chance for token owners and FES investors alike to link together through airdrops of every new listing on our dapp. We give voice to our investors, in certain decisions, by taking careful consideration in what they feel is the next big token to add to our portfolio of top gems.


Owning FES is like owning the whole DeFI gems space simply by holding and earning BNB or MATIC rewards and top gem airdrops as they make their grand opening presale on our platform « SHARKLAUNCH ». There are so many ways to earn as a shark investor and we take pride in our goal to feed every shark.


We are Feed Every Shark an S&P500-like investors asset. As a dedicated team we choose to invite other communities to join forces with us as we feed on every opportunity to grow our portfolio of assets. FES is not all about gathering teams, we aim to give back to non-blockchain based communities worldwide as well. By doing this we can assure wider awareness and a stable reputation as the world’s soon to be biggest financial instrument.


Our priority at FES begins with a throughout analysis of new in-demand projects looking to list on our platform for a presale event as we hunt down the most worthy of gems to be integrated in our arsenal of available airdrop options for our holders. We continuously track down big project owners to give more choice to our community.

  1. Buy FES tokens.
  2. Connect wallet to SHARKLAUNCH Dashboard for airdrop tracking. ( coming soon )
  3. SHARKLAUNCH automatically releases airdrops per newly listed projects.
  4. Voice your opinions on the next hot token airdrop to support the most out of our presale platform.

The MAJOR Problem Problem

Too many scams plague the DeFi ecosystem. Once a brand new investor comes in to the market they are immediately overwhelmed with all the information and misinformation coming from different sources of financial advice.

The solution (Smart-Presale) SOLUTION

Our team evaluates and decides which asset in the space is considered safe or low-risk for us sharks to list on our SHARKLAUNCH presale platform as requests pile in. We thrive to evaluate each and every addition to our platform carefully as we grow our network to become the go-to asset for peace of mind when it comes to making the right moves in every decision. Having our holders give their opinion also helps shape better financial decisions for the team when it comes to listings that deserve the most attention.


FES, being an investor’s token, is not only an asset for passive income. We pride ourselves as being the go-to investment of choice for new projects looking to raise funds for their blockchain startups. With SHARKLAUNCH, many new comers in the crypto space can list their projects for a presale event! Our team assures the quality of all projects listed and takes caution with an in dept analysis of a new token’s conditions every step of the way. With that said, we never forget about our investors. All listing fees charged by our platform are automatically redistributed to FES holders in the form of the said listed tokens. The more listings, the more airdrops and with growing adoption of our platform, FES holders build their way to financial freedom effortlessly.


16% on every Buy & Sell transactions

– 10% in passive BNB or MATIC rewards every 24h

– 3% for marketing and development

– 3% for liquidity pool redistribution

100Q total supply / 50Q circulating supply (50% initial burn)

FES assures quality tokenomics to reward every holder in multiple ways. The liquidity pool on FES is insured to grow organically and safely by retaining 3% of all buy and sell transactions on the blockchain to keep in the lp. Passive income is an important aspect of any investment. FES loves to give back and we choose to do so by giving out BNB or MATIC rewards to all our holders to encourage diamond hands and create elevated wealth.



September, 2021

FES design and creation

October - December

Community shilling contests and prizes + FES merchandise store + FES DEN + FEStrack APP

Early 2022

Full fledged presale listing platform

Mid - 2022

Attendance in top crypto-currency events worldwide + Feed Every Shark Foundation

Powered by a Team TEAM

The FES Team combines a passion for show-business, Defi Cryptos & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

CEO & Lead Blockchain/Marketing

CTO & Senior Developer


For general inquiries, please contact:

For all marketing, advertising, and media inquiries, please contact our Marketing team at

For support, please contact our Support team at or join the FES Token chat on Telegram: ( ).